Towpath On The Grand Antiques & Collectibles

Towpath On The Grand is the newest gem in the community of Cayuga.  Lifetime
Haldimand County Resident, Local Amateur Historian and Collector of Local 
History, Jim Gibson and his wife Lauren opened the doors July 21st, 2003 to 
their Antiques & Collectibles store on Highway #3 in Cayuga, Ontario. 

Jim has been a marketing consultant for 30 years and has been collecting for 
25 years. Naturally, coming from a family of small business owners in 
Haldimand, he has always wanted to add something to the community.  Jim enjoys 
local people and history and is a member of the Haldimand Museums, Historical 
Societies, The Cayuga Chamber of Commerce  and is one of the founding members 
of ‘Cayuga Fest’.  He thinks Cayuga has wonderful wealth in its history, great 
potential in its beautiful geography, and opportunities for future growth in 
its diverse and creative population. 

The shop’s name is a reminder that at one time oxen & horses, walking on the 
Towpath, used to pull an assortment of passenger riverboats & commerce barges 
along the Grand River bringing people, goods, services and news to local 
businesses and residents.  

Jim envisions  the Cayuga downtown  alive again with shops, pubs & eateries. 
The Towpath on the Grand located at 14 Talbot St West was first a general 
store then a freezer locker business, a travel office, a farm pool office 
and now an antique store with a general store feeling.  Come in, have a look 
around.  The exterior and interior have been simply transformed by Registered 
Designer Lauren Gibson of Design Works.  

Towpath On The Grand is a great place to spend some time finding a personal 
treasure, a special piece for your office or place of business, a unique 
gift and to share some stories or local history.  The shop has two show rooms 
along with corridors and nooks and crannies filled with unusual items that 
change daily.  side boards, curios, flat to the walls, crockery, benches, 
display cases, chairs, primitives, Canadiana, watches, clocks, trunks, 
dressers, Six Nations Indian carvings, mirrors,  prints, paintings, World 
War memorabilia & glassware are among the many items that can be purchased.

Customer Comments include:  “There’s a story behind every piece!  
Interesting Place!”   “The price tickets are large and easy to read”,  
“Beautifully set up”,  “Very Professional”,  “Everyday a new surprise”,  
“You have some very unusual things”, “Great Addition to the Town, 
good work and congratulations”.  

The Towpath on the Grand has enjoyed their first 4 months of business in Cayuga.  
They appreciate the support of the community in general, the reciprocal support 
of local Antique Stores and Dealers and their customers from all over Canada, 
the US, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand who have stopped in and found something 
special in the Towpath on the Grand.

Jim does in house and house call appraisals, is interested in buying local post 
cards, books, estates as well as individual pieces.  

The Towpath on the Grand is open most days 10-6

Jim is  always available by apt. at 14 Talbot St. West. Cayuga, ON   

phone: 905-772-0014
E-mail at or the web